Did you get the tip for Latin slippage?

Many dancesports competitors complain that the floor is slippery, and it is natural to blame the shoes for the poor dancing. In fact, when dancers jump to a certain extent and can borrow the strength of the floor to dance, it is necessary to take anti-slip measures to increase stability and improve the speed of movement. However, this method is also auxiliary, the key is to practice the basic skills, all the basic skills of dance is a dance support point. Here's how to avoid slipping.

Tread water

Advantages: simple, convenient, good effect. When using, pour the right amount of water on the floor, step on it with your feet, and then print it dry, do not let too much water remain on the shoes.

Disadvantages: poor durability, usually one to two dances will need to step again.

Stamping wax powder

Advantages: Strong durability. To use, whittle the wax into a powder and grind it with your foot so that it sticks evenly to the sole of the shoe. Disadvantages: The floor must be very clean, if the floor is more dust, less than a moment the dust will be covered with wax, become more slippery.

Step on the anti-skid oil

Advantages: Do not need to cut so much trouble like wax, directly drop it on the ground with shoes to step on dry, at the same time dip a little water, the effect will be better, lasting slightly longer than wax powder.

Disadvantages: anti-skid oil is usually bottled, the game needs to be taken to the field, if stepped on and then go to the field, the way will be stained with too much ash, so that the anti-skid effect is worse, so it is easy to lose, and expensive.

Washing powder

Advantages: cheap, convenient, good effect, good durability. When using, sprinkle the washing powder with blue particles on the floor, and grind it with your foot to make it evenly stick to the sole, but do not step on water, otherwise it will become more slippery.

Disadvantages: Because many players choose to tread water during the game, when stepping on the washing powder, pay attention to the water on the floor, do not step on it, otherwise the opposite effect.

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